A break though at Oulton 2022

2022 has proved a little frustrating with the new car..

…at Oulton ‘the racing gods’ where very much with us, having made a late choice to change the rear sprocket on Friday evening, we then had the problem of running a new chain on Saturday which seemed to stretch every time the car went out, enough to cause worrying noises and problems with gear changes in Qualy and race 1.

So for race two – a very gentle start and careful nursing of the car using just 5th and 6th most of the race not only got us to the finish line – but 2nd place!

OK, in truth we gained from others misfortunes, but overall the work we have been doing with our new dampers combined with the set-up changes we have been making are starting to show. The car’s stability through fast corners allows us able to carry so much more speed partially making-up for being down on power and hence straight line speed….but that’s for next season!