PR3 - the concept

Created primarily for the UK’s Monoposto Championship the car is suitable for use in many of the world’s F1000 single seater series including championships in Italy, Australia, South Africa and America. Originally designed around the GSXR 1000 the PR3 chassis will except a variety of power units from 1340/1000cc bike engines to larger car derived engines coupled to a transaxle gearbox, either way the PR3 has been designed to be simple to maintain and most importantly, an intensely satisfying race car to drive.

Since the original (2018) version of the PR3 chassis, we have made many improvements including a new body shape with full enclosed ‘coke bottle’ shaped rear bodywork to reduce drag, improved cooling, and combined with a new floor improved downforce. We have substantially improved braking by using bell mounted disc designed by BG Developments and changing to EBC race pads, finally we developed both fully interchangeable front to rear/side to side modular uprights and ambidextrous (NS to OS) front and rear suspension.

All of our chassis are made from laser cut – TIG welded ROPT510 tube for safety, quality of manufacture, ‘traceability’ and rigidity.

F1000 chassis
F1000- chassis

performance with safety

The chassis’ neutral handling characteristics combined with a 45/55% weight distribution* gives our car ultra-high levels of mechanical grip whilst still ensuring the PR3 is both entertaining in experienced hands whilst remaining a safely predictable drive for novices.

The chassis tubes material is ROPT510 supplied and certified by ProFormance Metals Ltd the tubes are all laser cut to an accuracy of 0.1 mm, then TIG welded providing optimum strength.

For additional safety, our latest chassis includes a newly designed front stub axle, no longer relying on a single central bolt, we also offer the option of both left and right hand thread stub axles with three piece wheel nuts ensuring that wheel nuts can now be correctly and accurately torqued.

*with driver and when fitted with a GSXR1000 engine.


Because of it’s two piece chassis design the PR3 is able to accept a variety of Bike engines, ‘conventional’ car derived or electric power units 

The PR3’s flexibility makes this chassis suitable for a multitude of race of championships through-out the world, Monoposto in the UK, F1000 in Europe, the USA and Australia.

The PR3’s high levels of mechanical grip characteristics also make it an ideal Hillclimb or Sprint car for a variety of classes with either Bike or car-based power units.



The PR3 chassis/bodywork/suspension kits available from £17,995 + vat or if you prefer, chose the ‘arrive and drive’ options for Monoposto’s  Mono Moto 1000 or Mono Moto 1400

Low Cost Maintenance – Although almost every major part for the PR3 is bespoke and manufactured from high grade materials the number of spares needed and costs has been kept to a minimum by making as many parts as possible ambidextrous and where possible compatible front to back


Although we have completely re-designed the majority of the machined components for the PR3 we have tried to ensure where possible that our new parts will fit existing JKS and Speads cars as many of the original spare parts are now unavailable, have long lead times or at least hard to get hold of.

What fits the older cars? Uprights, rear hubs, most wishbones, steering rack, drive shafts – a complete upright will replace any corner of an JKS or Speads with the re-designed front hub solving the long-term problem of the original single central bolt securing the hub. Additionally, we offer both left and right hand thread stub axles/wheel nuts in a three piece design so that wheel nuts can be correctly and accurately torqued.

We have chosen to fit Evo Corse wheels  – We usually have stock of the ‘Dallara pattern’ Formula Evo Corse 9×13, ET1.65, PCD 12.85 and 10.5×13 ET 10.5, PCB 12×85